In this course I provide the key strategies and tools needed to grow a Makeup or Cosmetics blog from a few hundred views per month to 40k+ page views per month. These are the same strategies my wife and I have used to grow our Makeup blog into a steady side business that continues to grow every month. The course outlines the following:

  • How to create your blog and move it from the early stage to a robust long-term AT A LOW COST
  • Take your blog to the next level with proper Search Engine Optimization
  • How to monetize and make money through many different channels, including Affiliate, Advertising, Sponsored Content, etc
  • Creating a real social media strategy. THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT of any beauty or makeup blog. This provides the approach that lands us thousands of views per month.

This is a great intro/intermediate course for anyone trying to understand what the proper strategy for running a Makeup blog. We have 2+ years experience running a successful blog, so this course includes all the important lessons we learned so that you don’t have to repeat our mistakes!

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